Enrollment Procedure for Single Courses

A.Y. 20-21

It is possible to enroll in Single Courses and print the pre-paid payment slip for the relative payment only by connecting to the Accademia’s website (www.accademiadibrera.milano.it) and follow the instructions for the online Secretariat procedure.

  • High School certificate (secondary school)
  • First Level Academic Diploma or Degree
  • Second Level Academic Diploma or Master’s Degree
  • Degree or academic diploma; from the former higher education system 

The following students are not eligible for enrollment :

  • students already enrolled in the same academic year in First or Second Level Courses at the Accademia di Brera
  • students who have interrupted their studies
  • students who have suspended their studies

From the 1st of September to the 5th of October 2020

Enrolling in single courses allows you to take no more than 4 single courses in an academic year, for a maximum of three consecutive years, to take the exams and receive the normal certification.

The exams of these courses must be taken in the same year of enrollment

Only biannual THEORETICAL courses can be taken and enrollment in any programmed admission courses is not allowed.

Some examples of programmed admission courses are: Painting 1-2-3, Sculpture 1-2-3, Graphic Design 1-2-3, Decoration 1-2-3, Design 1-2-3, Scenic Design 1-2-3, Artistic Anatomy 1-2-, History of contemporary art 1-2.

Before proceeding with the choice of courses, students should consult the study programmes published on the website.

Those students who have a secondary school diploma can access the single biannual courses within the First Level training programmes

Those students who have a First level or higher Diploma can access the single biannual courses within the First and Second Level training programmes.

Those students who have Diplomas from other Accademie or Graduates who need to attend single courses not included in their study programmes, but necessary for admission to public competitions or for access into postgraduate schools can also enroll.


From the 26th of October to the 15th of December 2020

The student must submit the following documentation using the online procedure from their online profile ( the document must be uploaded under the relevant item)

  • Registration application from printed from students’ online profile, including a photograph
  • Self-certification of study qualification (at foot of the page)
  • Health and safety regulations form (at foot of the page)

In the absence of one of these documents students will be unable to reserve the exams


Self-certification of study qualification

Word Document

Self-certification of study qualification

PDF Document

Health and safety regulations form