Supplementary Grants for Erasmus+ Students and Traineeship (only for scholarship holders)

The supplementary grant to the Erasmus+ Students and Erasmus+ Traineeship programme can be awarded upon request only to those students deemed Eligible or Awardees for Scholarships in the same academic year in which they participate in the Erasmus+ programme. The student must select the relevant item on the online Scholarship application form.

Example: a student who has applied for and considered eligible to leave for the Erasmus+ programme in the academic year 2019-2020 (starting in September 2019 and concluding in July 2020) must apply for the supplementary grant with the scholarship application for the academic year 2019-2020 (applications from July 2019 to October 2019) in the specific online section. If, in the definitive scholarship ranking published in December 2019 a student was deemed Eligible or an Awardee, then they are deemed Eligible also for the supplementary grant for the Erasmus+ Students and Traineeship programme. Being deemed Eligible does not in any way guarantee the awarding of the supplementary grant, as there are a set number of grants which vary from year to year and, if the demand exceeds the supply, the necessary steps will be taken to draw up a ranking.

The amount the awarded student will receive for each month spent abroad and subsequently confirmed by the Erasmus Office, for up to a maximum of ten months, varies from destination to destination.

The supplementary grant will be paid in a lump sum payment, in the December of the year following the request, after having calculated the exact amount of time spent abroad.

Students are also entitled to a reimbursement of return travel expenses, an amount equal to € 150 for EU countries and € 500 for non-European countries (students are not required to submit a copy of travel tickets to obtain this amount).

The minimum stay required in order to receive the supplementary grant is 3 months for Students mobility and 2 months for Traineeship.

Supplementary grants for participation in international mobility programmes are awarded to beneficiaries only once for every study plan throughout first and second level courses.


Details on the Erasmus+ Traineeship Supplementary Grant

The supplementary grant can only be granted to those scholarship holders in the last year of a Three-year, Five-year or Two-year course and who have not graduated for that level of study (only Art 2 students can apply for the supplementary grant even if they are enrolled in the first year out of the course prescribed time, ie the fourth year of a Three-year course, the third year of a Two-year course, the sixth year of a Five-year course, as long as they have not yet graduated for that level). The request must be made in the specific section of the online application for Scholarships, in the same academic year of participation. There is however an exception to this rule. The supplementary grant can also be granted to those students who participate in the Erasmus+ Traineeship Programme during their last academic year of their level of study. They are deemed Eligible or Awardees of Scholarships and can therefore begin from September of the academic year following the publication of the definitive ranking of that same year.

In this case (and only in this case) the application must be submitted in a print version (using the model at the bottom of the page) to the Office for the Right to University Education, following acknowledgement from the Erasmus Office and by the date set out in the Announcement for Scholarships for the current year.

The supplementary grant will be granted for a period no longer than 5 months, taking into account the actual stay from September to March. Payment in this case will be made in April, two years after the publication of the definitive Scholarship ranking.

The student in question, is neither required to enroll in the year outside of the prescribed course time, nor to have to prove to be enrolled in the first year of the two year course until the end of the Erasmus+ Traineeship Programme.

Example: A student enrolls in the third year of a Three-year degree course in the academic year 2019-2020 and submits an application for a Scholarship for this current academic year by October 2019.The student is deemed eligible in the December ranking and shortly afterwards  submits an application to participate in the Erasmus+ Programme, starting in September 2020 (the following academic year) and is accepted. The student can participate from September 2020 to July 2021. If the student does not intend to enroll in the fourth year of a Three-year course or in the first year of a Two-year course, he or she can take the necessary steps to send a printed version of the request for the supplementary grant to the Scholarship for participating in the Erasmus+ Programme to the Office for the Right to University (the application is to be found attached at the bottom of the page) by the date set out in the Announcement (currently the 29th of July 2020). The Office takes the necessary steps to check the conformity of the request and grants the supplementary amount to the student in April 2021, taking into consideration that the student is neither enrolled in the fourth year, nor proves to be still a graduate (or perhaps has recently graduated) and that the applications submitted for grants fall within the range of the Announcement. The payment will cover a maximum of 5 monthly payments plus a one-off payment for round trip travel expenses subject to confirmation by the Erasmus Office.


Canteen reimbursement and temporary non-residing student status for scholarship students and Erasmus+ Programme participants

Those students deemed Eligible or Awardees for Scholarships who intend to participate in the Erasmus+ programme in the same academic year can apply to obtain a canteen reimbursement and the assignment of temporary non-residing student status (the latter can only be requested by those students who meet the requirements to be deemed a non-residing student, as set out in the Announcement). The requests should be printed and the deadline is after the closure of scholarship applications.

Students who submit a request for an Erasmus+ Traineeship during the year (the last case mentioned above), may submit the request for the canteen reimbursement at the same time as the supplementary grant, therefore according to the latter’s deadline, but will receive the reimbursement only for the service until December 31st of the calendar year of the request, which concerns the last academic year in progress, even if their course will continue over the following months.

It is not possible for this category of students to request temporary non-residing student status at the same time as this condition must be met by September, indicatively the first month of the Erasmus+ period.

The forms can be found at the bottom of the page.

Consult the Announcement of the current Academic Year for further details.

N.B. The printed form for the application for the assignment and supplementary grant is reserved only for those students who will leave in SEPTEMBER 2020 and in the academic year 2019/2020 attended the last year of a Three year course- without any further enrollment in a Second year course or enrollment in a fourth year of a Three year course for the academic year 2020/2021- of a Five year course (without enrollment in a 6th year for the academic year 2020-2021) or of a two year course (without enrollment to a third year for the academic year 2020-2021) thus proving to be Eligible or a Scholarship Awardee.


Domanda di attribuzione e integrazione alla Borsa di Studio per partecipare all'Erasmus+ Traineeship

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