Internships and Apprenticeships

The terms “internship” and “apprenticeship” are commonly considered synonyms. While there are some similarities between them, the two are inherently different. Mainly speaking the internship is a voluntary or in any case optional activity of work based learning while the apprenticeship is a compulsory step in a training or professional path so-called work based training.

With this premise in mind, the terms “internship” and “apprenticeship” will be considered synonyms for their administrative activation procedures.

At the moment, the Internship and Apprenticeship Office activates the curricular internships as set out in the study plan of every single First and Second Level course. All students duly enrolled are eligible.

The duration of the internship is calculated on the basis of the maximum number of academic credits (CFA) indicated in the study plan of the relevant course. Its activation includes a number of different phases which involve a promoter, in this case, the Accademia, a host and the student. The process concludes with the signing of an agreement and an individual training programme.

Apprenticeships can be activated following a direct contact between the student and the host company/organization, subject to the authorization of the Internship and Apprenticeship Office, between the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera and the host company/organization or following the request on behalf of the host company/organization to the Internship and Apprenticeship Office.

The student, in order to activate his internship, must:

  1. Check that you are regularly enrolled in an active diploma course at the Accademia di Brera;
  2. Contact a teacher (tenured, preferably the address teacher) who acts as a tutor informing him about the host and the activity covered by the internship;
  3. In the event that the teacher, having assessed the consistency of the task with the study plan and its educational and orientation value, agrees to play the role of tutor and authorizes to proceed with the activation, fill in the "Curricular internship activation form" and deliver it to the Internship and Traineeships office with attached copies of the identity card and the tax code;
  4. Wait for the signing of all documents and their delivery to the Internship and Internship Office before starting your internship.

The host, for its part, must:

  1. Waits to receive the confirmation e-mail from the Internship and Internship Office, with the draft agreement and training project attached;
  2. Review the documents, especially art. 6 of the agreement;
  3. Fill in all relevant sections in detail (parts highlighted in yellow) in both documents under penalty of canceling the activation request;
  4. Send the drafts by e-mail in Word format (without stamp or signature) to the Internship and Traineeships Office together with a copy of the identity card of the Legal Representative;
  5. Wait for the authorization of the Internship and Traineeships Office before hosting the trainee.

The Internship and Traineeships Office accepts the activation requests submitted by students and examines the documents sent by the host subject by filling in the fields pertaining to the promoter, inserting the letterhead, printing them and sending them for stipulation through the student.


  • The internship is considered active only after the signing of the agreement and the individual training project by all the subjects involved and only after this can it begin.
  • The internship is started by the Internship and Internship Office within two weeks of receiving the activation request together with the draft agreements and the training project.
  • The signed and stamped documents must be delivered to the Internship and Internship Office before the internship begins, otherwise it will be postponed.
  • Internships not activated through the Internship and Internships Office do not have the insurance coverage guaranteed by the policy stipulated by the Accademia di Brera and are not recognized.

At the end of the apprenticeship, the tutor of the host organization must download the “Final Internship Report by the host tutor” fill it in item by item, use the letterhead of the host organization/company, print it in duplicate copies, sign it, stamp it and consign it to the student or alternatively send it to the Internship and Apprenticeship Office by registered post.

The student must take the necessary steps to contact his or her teacher/tutor, arrange for them to compile and sign the “Final Internship Report by apprentice’s didactic tutor”. Students must compile their part and sign the Report and subsequently submit the Report to the Internship and Apprenticeship Office. 

Internship and Apprenticeship Office once all the final apprenticeship documents have been obtained, the Office takes the necessary steps to evaluate their accuracy and then proceeds with the registration on the online secretariat.

Companies, private and public institutions can submit apprenticeship and professional collaboration opportunities by downloading the specific form and, after completing it, send it by email to the Internship and Apprenticeship office. The Office, having assessed the suitability of the opportunity, forwards it on to the students, who if interested, can send their application directly to the company/institution.

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