The Accademia di Brera has always
gone beyond its historical walls
to focus on the world and its future.

A universal benchmark for learning


In 1776 the Academia was founded with the enlightened mission of widening its educational specialization beyond the world of art.

A truly unique concept took shape in this building in Brera, where the Accademia lived side by side  with the Gymnasium, the Palatine Schools for legal and philosophical sciences, the Astronomical Observatory, the physics and chemistry laboratories, the Botanical Garden, the Teresian Library, the Accademia of Sciences and the Gallery of Paintings, home to the present Pinacoteca.

Defined places that quickly became a universal reference point for the entire cultural movement of the time creating the most important events and exhibitions of contemporary art in Italy during the nineteenth century.

This “genetic brand” - strongly characterized by an opening towards the world of tomorrow, the rest of the world and the multifaceted world of culture, today is modernized using an approach to learning and knowledge that is not only consolidated by conventional training courses but is also constantly enhanced by research activities and those defined as third mission activities.

Third mission activities are those in which the Accademia interacts directly with society and the local territory. A combination which has become increasingly necessary due to the the complexity of the current socio-economic context.

Therefore together with training and research, third mission activities allow the Accademia di Brera to offer integrated and contemporary growth processes to its students as well as representing an authoritative and strategic point of reference for society.

Some of the more recent projects are outlined below.

Video Campus delle arti

The new Campus delle Arti location

Discover the new location with a 360° flight of the new premises of the Accademia di Brera: the Campus delle Arti



Brera Cesari

Comunicato Stampa

I vini Cesari promuovono la creatività delle nuove generazioni

Progetto di Ricerca

Ipotesi di un intervento artistico visivo

Fondazione Veronesi


Science for Peace

Manifesto 2018

Science for Peace

Presentazione Manifesto 2017

Università Bocconi

Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori - Associazione Prometeo


Lievi e precisi come determinati voli


Lievi e precisi come determinati voli


Comunicato Stampa

Sostenibilità, impegno sociale, libertà di espressione

Progetto Izmee

L’impresa deve avere una sua cultura per investire in cultura


Book Territori di frontiera

Progetto A regola d'Arte

Presentazione Book

Evento di presentazione