Art is good for business

When art helps the company to develop a greater attitude towards innovation and marketing.

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Art and business almost always follow different paths.

The company is equipped with instrumental rationality and aims to achieve a concrete result; standardization is necessary to cope with the containment of risks and optimization of costs; time is very fragmented and measured as an index of efficiency. On the contrary, art has a rationality mediated by feelings and passions, it does not undergo standardization or sequential thoughts, it does not experience time as a stress and above all it always weaves a multitude of stories.

An encounter between these worlds can benefit both.

Art can help businesses develop a greater attitude towards innovation, add content and provide new tools for marketing; the communication that comes from art, in fact, is powerful, surprising: it is capable of stimulating curiosity, provoking questions, questioning what exists by breaking conventional thinking, favoring new points of view, facilitating cultural integration and becoming a antenna tuned to the future, anticipating scenarios and behaviors.

The company in turn can bring artists closer to the strategic vision adopted by the world of business and entrepreneurship, fostering new knowledge and skills of an organizational, managerial and economic nature.

The entrepreneur who approaches the world of art becomes a beneficiary and at the same time an active promoter of the latter: since it produces culture, generates beauty, determines value for the company and for all those involved in the project.

Through the experiences gained in the field of creative communication over the course of twenty years, the artist Antonio Spanedda proposes himself as a cultural mediator, so that these two worlds meet and can travel together a path of mutual benefit. The goal is to combine creativity, cultural content and commercial needs in integrated communication projects, for a more effective brand identity policy, aimed at affirming the brand and recognizing the corporate image.

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