“Territori di frontiera” for the A REGOLA D'ARTE project

When art improves the quality of life.

How to describe a project that combines music and sport in the suburbs without falling into rhetoric or, worse, self-celebration?
Perhaps with images, collected or captured by eyes other than those of those who conceived the initiative.

From this reflection, the volume that describes the activity that Mediafriends has been carrying out in the Milanese suburbs since 2014 and which today also sees us present in other "challenging" areas: L'Aquila and Palermo.

In recent years the suburbs, no longer understood in the twentieth-century sense of neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city, are more and more a set of spaces without identity, animated by a population that, due to immigration, is the set of ethnic groups, religions, different languages. Cohabitation is difficult, there is often a lack of basic structures that can accompany young people in common growth.

These are the upstream considerations of the A Regola d'Arte project that led us to create inclusion paths for young people living in difficult neighborhoods by teaching rugby and music in places of youth gathering, from school to oratories. Universal languages ​​that can help you climb over the walls of misunderstanding with simplicity, without mincing words.

Hence the desire to share and tell our experience.

The results, perhaps small, compared to the breadth of the topic, are however very significant for the students who attended the courses and for us who conceived them, with the desire to learn from their experiences and improve them year after year.
The lucky and stimulating encounter with the Accademia di Brera and the students of the photography course allowed us to find the narrative development through images we were looking for: The faces, the smiles, the glimpses, transmit the spirit that animated us. and that pushes us to renew our commitment to this project for the future too, which aims to grow over time and present itself as one of the possible models of inclusion and integration in the younger generations.

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