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All Italian and foreign students from any country in the world can participate in the international exchange programme, provided they are duly enrolled in the Accademia in the current academic year. It is possible to apply as from the first year of studies, as it relates to a study period in the following academic year. Participation in the ERASMUS+ programme sees the provision of a grant to all participating students, provided by the European Community, ranging from a minimum of 250 Euro to a maximum of 350 Euro in monthly payments (calculated on a daily basis), depending on the destination, for a study period equivalent to a semester or one academic year.

Participation in the Erasmus+ programme requires students to submit all the documentation as set out at the bottom of the page, adhering to the set procedures and deadlines, no later than the 31st of January 2023

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erasmus students
  1. The application calls for the indication of three destinations to be selected from the list of the Accademia’s partner institutions, which can be found as an attachment at the bottom of the page. It is essential to make a choice consistent with the student’s own educational path, evaluating  and analyzing the availability of courses which are feasible with the student’s study plan.
  2. We would like to remind those students who are evaluating the different proposals for studying abroad, that in the case of University partners, the exchange is feasible at the University’s Faculty of Fine Arts. We strongly advise students to steer their research towards  corresponding courses to similar exams and to those chosen in the study plan (particularly for the three year courses), as they must be similar in content in order to be recognized.It is also preferable to look for practical, laboratory or workshop subjects in order to contain the difficulty of the foreign language.
  1. Once the Announcement is closed, the Erasmus Office will make an internal selection and assign each student a destination, which may not always correspond to the requests of the student; in this case the Office commits itself, together with the candidate, to find a suitable destination. The selection will be made on the basis of the portfolio, the correspondence of the student’s profile with the academic offer of the foreign university and the availability of places.
  2. The Erasmus Office will take the necessary steps to contact every student deemed eligible to continue the application process, by prior arrangement, to carry out the paperwork required in order to submit the application to the selected institution, which, according to its own time frame, will confirm whether or not to accept the application. In the event of a negative outcome, the Erasmus Office commits itself, in agreement with the student, to, if need be, proceed with another application, compatibly with the deadlines and availability of the partner institutions.

Participants, on their return after the period abroad, MUST fill in the EVALUATION REPORT online, as required by the European Community, to finalize the project with the registration of marks and credits carried out by the Erasmus Office.

In order to partecipate in the programmes students must SEND all the following documentation by EMAIL, WHICH MUST BE ELECTRONICALLY COMPILED IN EDITABLE WORD FORMAT, or alternatively, students can submit the documentation directly to the office using a USB stick.

Erasmus students

1. APPLICATION FORM in Word format. The form can be downloaded at the bottom of the page



4. CURRICULUM VITAE IN ENGLISH (related to artistic activities, 2 pages at most)

5. COVER LETTER IN ENGLISH in Word format, a short personal presentation, of your studies and the reasons behind your participation. Once you have been communicated the destination by the Erasmus Office you are required then to customize the cover letter indicating the reasons that led to your assigned choice of destination (characteristics and cultural background of the city, departments, teaching techniques, professors, didactic approaches and styles etc). 

6. BOOK ERASMUS in digital format containing the images of the most significant works (max.15-20 pages, in a single PDF file for a maximum weight of 15Mb), including a description of the works, including the title, the technique, the size, the year and if need be, a few lines in ENGLISH to briefly outline the project (students are advised to have the  material checked by the academic course teacher). Students are required to have an introductory page that can also be used as a cover (it should NOT contain the logo of the Accademia). No Book is required for Communication students. For first year students, the book may include works done before entering the Accademia.

7. LANGUAGE CERTIFICATE IN ENGLISH OR THE LANGUAGE OF THE COUNTRY OF DESTINATION B1 LEVEL. The selected students who hold a foreign language certificate must submit it with the application. In particular, regarding English; those students who do not hold any certificate but have taken the qualifying English exam in the Accademia can consider themselves to have B1 proficiency.

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