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Case Studies

  • Collection of 73 drawings for the Historic district of Brera set model, 1964. Accademia di Brera of Fine Arts Historical Heritage.
  • ANTONIO MOLINARI, Stage Study 1, 50s, Watercolor drawing on grey cardboard. Accademia di Brera of Fine Arts Historical Heritage.



Case Studies

  • ADOLFO WILDT (1868-1931) - Epigraph dedicated to the artist, After 1931


The BRERA Nanorestart working group shall be coordinated by the Art Historian Giovanni Iovane, and supervised by Giuseppe Bonini Vice Director of Accademia di Brera of Fine Arts.

The professor Anna Lucchini, the restorer lab technician Elisa Isella and the restorer Patrizia Buratti (external collaborator), are involved for the studies on paintings on canvas, professor Maria Chiara Palandri and the restorer lab technician Laura Barzaghi are involved for the interventions on paper.

To support the work of the restorers and guarantee the results, BRERA has appointed a History of Art and Scientific Support Group composed by the Academy professors: Claudio Cerritelli, Gaetano Fanelli, Flaminio Gualdoni, Laura Lombardi, Anna Mariani, Raffaella Pulejo, with the influential collaboration of the restorer Luciano Formica, former Director of the Brera School of Restoration, as external member.

  • Anna Lucchini, Senior Researcher

Graduated from OPIFICIO DELLE PIETRE DURE E LABORATORI DI  RESTAURO of Florence, Italy in 1984
Graduated in Science for Cultural Heritage at the School of Letters and Philosophy of Arezzo – University of Siena, Italy.
Certificate of attendance at the two-year course of Conservation and Restoring - International University of Art (U.I.A.) of Florence, Italy.
Certificate of attendance at the two-year course of Museology - International University of Art (U.I.A.) of Florence, Italy
Retraining courses at Centro Studi Materiali per il Restauro e la Conservazione dei Beni Artistici 7 (CESMAR 7), with Prof. Vishwa Raj Mehra and Prof. Richard Wolbers.
Professor of “Technique and Methodology for the Restoration of wall paintings” and ” Technique and Methodology for the Restoration of paintings at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan, Italy from 2000 at present.
In collaboration with the Department of Architecture of the Politecnico of Milan, she has worked on the project of permanent training of restoration of frescos and wall paintings based in Yerevan, Armenia.
Anna Lucchini has been active in art conservation,for the last thirty years. She has been working with the most important Italian museums, the General Direction for the Historical and artistic heritage of Milan and Lombardia, with Art Civic Collections, and with Arcibishop’s Curia.
Among the most important restoration works of the last years:
•    Fifteenth-century wall paintings of Zavattari, ”Storie della Regina Teodolinda”, Church of  S. Giovanni Battista, Cathedral of Monza, (MB), Italy
•    Wall paintings of Giotto school “Crucifixion of Christ”, Church of S. Gottardo of Milan, Italy
•    Oil on canvas “Ritratto della Madre”, of U. Boccioni,1907, Civic Collections, Milan, Italy
•    Wood panel painting “Ultima Cena”, G. Ferrari, 1543, S. Maria della Passione, Milan, Italy
•    Oil on canvas ’ ”Ultimo bacio dato a Giulietta da Romeo”,  F. Hayez, 1823.
Moreover, she studied and analysed the state of conservation of the Leonardo da Vinci’s monochrome, and of the wall paintings of the vault in the “Sala delle Assi”, Sforzesco Castle, Milan, Italy.

  • Chiara Palandri, Senior Researcher

Maria Chiara Palandri is a Book and Paper conservator graduated at Istituto per la Patologia del Libro “Alfonso Gallo” (ICPL) in Rome. Her long professional career is articulated in various different situations and different professional experiences. She worked as book and paper conservator in her own studio in Genova, Italy, from graduation until 1998, dealing with conservation projects for Public Libraries and Museums. From 1999 to 2015 Chiara Palandri worked as senior book and paper conservator at the Conservation Department of the National Library of Norway. She now works at the National Library of Norway as a consultant and recently as part of the project: Literary Citizens of the World. Tracing the transnational crossroads of books in Early Modern Norway. Since 2004, she is Professor in Conservation and Restoration of parchment and paper based materials at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan (Italy), leading both labs and theoretical courses. Chiara Palandri is also supervisor for master thesis in conservation, member of several organizations and an active part of international projects in the field of conservation and history of techniques and materials. Since 2015 she is a member of the IADA Board (International Association of Book and Paper Conservators).

  • Laura Barzaghi, Junior Researcher - Restorer lab technician

Restorer and conservator of paper artifacts and photographs. She has a Master Degree in restoration of contemporary art at the Accademia di Brera of Fine Arts in Milan, and specialized as a result of experience and vocational training courses at: the Centre for the Restoration of Berson Photography in Milan, the Alinari Foundation, the Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence, and the laboratories for diagnostic Innohvub Milan.
Over the past eight years, she is engaged in the role of Laboratory Technician for the Restoration School of the Accademia di Brera, for the sector PFP5 - library and archive material, artifacts and parchment paper, photographic material, film and digital.
She is currently taking part with a group of international work on a project, partially funded by the Consulate of the Republic of Korea, on the introduction and experimentation in paper restoration of traditional Korean mulberry papers, Hanji.
She collaborates and has collaborated with public and private organizations including the Historical Archives of the Fiera Milano Foundation, the Museum of Cultures MUDEC, the Unicredit Archive, the Campari Archive in Milan, the National Library of Norway in Oslo, the Pope Giovanni XXIII Foundation in Bergamo.
For further information see

  • Elisa Isella, Junior Resarcher - Restorer lab technician

Restorer and conservator of painting specialized in contemporary art. Accomplished a degree in Restoration of contemporary art at the Accademia di Brera of Fine Arts in Milano, and several workshops and refresher courses at research institutions like Cesmar 7 or internationally recognized professionals like Paolo Cremonesi and Richard Wolbers.
Adjunct Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna and technician of restoration laboratory at the Academy of Fine Arts in Milano, Brera (profile number 1 and 2) for 8 years.
Winner of a prize in relation to a nation-wide project about conservation of street art.

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Paintings - Gothenburg Meeting

June 9th - 10th 2016

Case Studies report

Collection of 73 drawings for the Historic district of Brera set model


Condition Report

ADOLFO WILDT (1868-1931)

Brera and WP4