Brand Value

Between Legend and Brand

The value of Brera. The Accademia di Brera is a truly magical place, as is the vibe that spreads through its neighbourhood. Brera has become a lifestyle and a cultural point of reference. In this unique backdrop, the Accademia and the Pinacoteca art gallery are distinct yet complementary cultural establishments, brimming with history and yet cosmopolitan and international as well as contemporary and creative.

We look at the Accademia di Brera as an institution full of different dimensions: cultural, educational, artistic, economic and social. All these dimensions express a value that crosses over into different contexts and which we can ultimately measure. In fact, from an economic point of view, the Accademia generates an impact that has a knock-on effect on all the activities and services that its community (students, teachers, guests etc) put into play, as well as drawing investments on which there most certainly is an expected return. 

Brera brings quality and value to the competitiveness of the city and the country, even symbolically, as the hub of an education system and creative industry in the city of Milan, which has confirmed itself as one of the most important European capitals for studies and as an international leader in cultural creation and education. 

The Accademia di Brera is in fact the hub of a complex system of advanced professional education and training in the Arts, and the strength of its brand creates the basis for a strong and distinctive identity, capable of being a huge draw to students and teachers, as well as to national and international companies and institutions.


Identity is the brand. This idea of Brera’s influence, expressed in an innovative way, now leads us to distinguish between the value of its identity and that of its brand.

It’s identity has been established over time thanks to being a recognized advanced professional education and training centre for the Arts, an identity that originated towards the end of the Age of Enlightenment, giving it a European flair and making it a key player in the international race of arts and creativity. 

The brand, a product of these modern times, is the product of this consolidation of identity, and it takes on new meanings of exclusivity and appeal.. 

Identity and brand give rise to a Brera’s uniqueness.

It is against this backdrop then that the Accademia puts itself forward at the center of a network of exchanges of knowledge, expertise and creativity, tapping into new connections:  thanks also to its new locations. Cascina Ovi, in Segrate, and Campus delle Arti, in the former rail yard Scalo Farini. Here Brera plays a leading role in the “innovation district”, a physical yet intangible place, able to create a new urban quality not only for its students and the city, but also for other accademie, businesses and the future.


From the social financial report (or sustainability balance sheet) to the new integrated financial report.

The financial report of Brera ultimately shows new numbers and a new system, endorsing its productive role in the city’s economy. It will have to become familiar with a new commitment towards sustainability (intended as waste management, reduction of environmental impact, waste differentiation, awareness of best practices, promotion of sustainable consumption and production models). But it will also have to know how to calculate and measure its brand quality. And that is why we are talking about an integrated financial report.