Pursued by the future.

The Accademia di Brera was born in the Age of Enlightenment, with the ambitious aim to become a universal cultural point of reference: the formation of free thought, research as a prerequisite for any form of expression, a humanistic and empirical approach have connoted a unique place, capable of moulding and enhancing artistic talents but also spawn conscious men and women, able to truly live their own time.

Shortly to that unique place, (the Palazzo di Brera was once described as encyclopedic), a new location will be added in which the Accademia di Brera can express its evergreen contemporary flair also in the future: the former  railway yard, Scalo Farini.

The 15,000 square meter redevelopment project in the heart of Milan will not only be a logistical solution to the evident and pressing  need for new spaces to bring together and host thousands of students. It will not only be the proposal of innovative spaces which will become the headquarters of the state-of-the-art Campus. It will be, above all, an open cultural space, in which the Accademia di Brera can communicate with the city and with the rest of the world.

Shortly, on the website and - with particular reference to this page - you will be able to find updates on the progress of the works on the future Campus. In the meantime you can consult or download the Project Catalogue.

Brera Arts Campus

  • Via Valtellina 3
  • segreteria.didattica@accademiadibrera.milano.it
  • 0039 02 86955601
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