Erasmus+ Students

The Exhibition of Erasmus+ students, curated by the International Relations-Erasmus Office  takes place in the former San Carpoforo Church.

This event, which has been successfully organized for over seven years, endorses the attention the Accademia di Brera reserves to those students in the Erasmus+ programme, not simply as European citizens, or guest students but as young and talented artists, committed to fine-tuning their artistic sensitivity, their own artistic flair in an open, dynamic and multicultural setting.

The numerous works range from paintings to drawings, to photographs to installations to sculptures and fashion creations. All of them communicate with the former Church of San Carpoforo, which has increasingly been turned into an authentic and evocative exhibition space.

Brera evolves into a set of multiple realities:  here, different cultures come together, sharing awareness, creativity and personal experience.