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You will support your future too

Fundraising 2020/2025

Young people and students also represent your future and together with the Accademia di Brera you can invest in them. We have great ideas, but these challenges and their key players need to find fellow companions who believe in training that makes the difference.

That is where you come in. Your support can help determine someone’s future.

Why support the Accademia di Brera?

We want to be the driving force of development and social mobility for Italy. In order to have a real influence in concrete terms we have identified three strategic areas that have become our priorities: the faculty, the students, the community in which we live.

Special Projects for Alumni

Having lived, breathed and studied in the Accademia is an everlasting experience.
Supporting your Accademia with a concrete contribution, dedicated to a specific project, will testify to a strong sense of belonging. It will also provide an outstanding example for those who live and breathe the Accademia di Brera today.

Projects for education and training that make the difference:


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