The Office for the Right to University Education of the Accademia receives well over 600 requests for scholarships, which are granted thanks to the funding allocations from the Regione Lombardia

All the concessions and subsidies set listed below can be requested through a single application available online in the times and ways indicated in the BANDO DI CONCORSO (a copy of the BANDO DI CONCORSO of the current year is available in the section Scholarships 2020/21 at the bottom of the page), which is repeated at the beginning of each academic year, indicatively with opening in July and closing in October.

Talented students who do not have the financial means (both Italian and foreign students are eligible) and meet the requirements as set out in the Competition Announcement become scholarship holders (on average 400 out of 600 applicants per year), obtaining all the essential economic benefits such as the exemption from the payment of the all-inclusive financial contribution and a free daily meal from January to December of each calendar year (or a canteen reimbursement, quantified by a fixed annual contribution that can be attributed only upon request and under certain financial circumstances as set out in the Competition Announcement).

Moreover, it is possible to attribute an average of 300-350 annual financial scholarships to the 400 scholarship holders who comply to criteria indicated in the Competition Announcement (which means almost 85% of the students) and to date, 42 sleeping places in affiliated facilities for those students studying away from home (both Italian and foreign students are eligible) who are the beneficiaries (from January to December of every calendar year, excluding the month of August).

The Competition Announcement also provides for the annual assignment of two types of grants to those students who hold scholarships in the same year and who specifically request it through the online scholarship application (a section allocated to this is found on the website): the request for supplementary grants for the participation in the Erasmus and Erasmus Placement Programme and the Post Graduate Grant for Two Year and Five Year Courses. he number of grants awarded varies from year to year and is regulated in the General Competition Announcement.

Particular attention is paid to students with disabilities, who have particular criteria for the attribution of grants. If these criteria are met, the students in question become full beneficiaries of all requests submitted through the online Scholarship form.

It should be noted that as from the academic year 2020-2021 this link will be active for the scholarship application. The link leads to the Benefits Application portal, where it will be possible to apply for the scholarship AY 2020-21 starting from 17 September 2020, send the documentation required by the call, modify your personal data independently and banking should there be a need during the year and apply for prizes, refunds, additions, certifications related to this competition. To check your situation regarding the academic year 2019-20, the old link will remain active.