A future without memory is one that disappears

The vocation which has distinguished the Accademia di Brera ever since its inception, is the ability to live teaching as an experience that goes well beyond the mere explanation of notions. Learning is about relating to history, to the past, but with an eye to the future, relating to a local backdrop as well as communicating with the rest of the world, with communal cultural heritage but also with the unexplored.

In this context, the places to nurture one’s own growth processes take on a central role and importance not only logistically speaking: Cascina Ovi, a historic farmhouse in the Municipality of Segrate, will be the home to the Sculpture Techniques and the Foundry Techniques Laboratories, as well as hosting at least two annual exhibition and performance events.

The splendid Cascina Ovi will reinterpret its historical importance for the territory in an educational and artistic way, and, in its renovated spaces, will forge a strong penchant for sculpture, endorsed by the Parco dell’Arte: a permanent, open air exhibition of twenty-nine works by international artists, to be admired walking through the Idroscalo park, a stones throw away from Cascina Ovi.


Cascina OVI. The agreement with the Municipality of Segrate

Joint press conference of the Municipality of Segrate and the Accademia di Brera.

Accademia di Brera takes up home in Segrate: new spaces in Cascina Ovi for the Techniques of Ceramics and Techniques of Foundry laboratories. A well as a range of seminars, events and exhibitions.


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