The mission of a contemporary Accademia is to imagine the future, build it and make it accessible.

The Accademia is a factory of the future. It is structurally so, with the periodic alternation of training cycles with the revolution of tecnologies.

The Accademia is the future of the new generations. Starting from the experiences of the students who bring life to its spaces. The future for them represents a hope, a commitment. For the Accademia it represents a promise of excellence to uphold.

The Accademia is the society of the future: an interweaving and a true melting pot of different backgrounds and experience, knowledge and cultures as reflected by the Accademia’s draw to students from every corner of the world.

The Accademia is a widening horizon. It is metropolitan and this is the reason why it designs the city of the future.

The Accademia is a business and communicates with businesses. Its visionary world has become an increasingly essential part of the 4.0 industry that brings the future forward.

The Accademia is the culture of the future and therefore forges sustainability: in the lifestyle of its professors and students, in its processes and in its products which have made it and make it, still today, an international benchmark.

All the futures that the Accademia envisages, builds and makes accessible will have a record here, on this page, designed to be a bridge beyond the borders of the present