Working Together for a better future

The Accademia di Brera and companies:

a new frontier

The Accademia di Brera opens its doors to new developments: not only consolidating on conventional advanced professional training, a specialization which rotates around the city of Milan. In fact, it has always been part of the framework of great cultural institutions, in Europe and all over the world.

The Accademia is increasingly geared towards the world of business and the more dynamic aspects of technology. Brera, then again, is already shaping up to be a real laboratory. The organization of its training and educational activities directs students towards applying “artistic” thought: It is no longer and not only the result of the individual’s creativity, but the outcome of a well structured and practical research.

There is, therefore, a close relationship between education and training and today’s artistic production and business organization: a relationship that brings the two worlds closer together and makes the Accademia a real draw for the education and the creative industry.

The knowledge economy

In the knowledge economy, dealing with its immaterial nature, art becomes the indicator of a society’s rate of innovation.

Showcasing the potential of the Accademia di Brera’s relationship with business, starting from mutual knowledge and enrichment: this is our first objective, according to the added value that creativity and artistic expression can represent, particularly in a context in which immaterial characteristics of the product (such as knowledge, experience, heterogeneity, discontinuity) can be produced, increasingly so, by an active human capital.

The Accademia di Brera’s “knowledge economy” is distinguished by a contemporary and open vision of an evolving society, always looking for new values: creativity as a form of success comes from different influences and progresses, as the mathematician Poincaré claimed “in the capacity to unite pre-existing elements into new combinations”.