Students Mobility for Traineeship

Participation in the ERASMUS +TRAINEESHIP programme sees the provision of a grant to all participating students, provided by the European Community and ranging from a minimum of 350 Euro to a maximum of 450 Euro in monthly payments, depending on the destination, for a 2 to 12 month traineeship period at a host company/organization based in any EU country. All Italian and foreign students can participate in the exchange programme provided they are duly enrolled in the Accademia di Brera.

The period of traineeship abroad must be covered by the Institute-Student Traineeship contract signed by the beneficiary/awardee and the International Relations Office, which must be drawn up and signed by both parties before departure. Every trainee must have the Learning Agreement For Traineeship (to be downloaded at the bottom of the page)- signed by the beneficiary, by the Accademia’s International Relations Office and by the host company/organization. During the traineeship abroad, the student must send a copy of the Before Mobility certificate to the International Relations Office via email. The student must return, electronically compiled, signed and stamped by the Employer, the part of the Learning Agreement relating to During Mobility and the part relating to After Mobility.
On the student’s return to Italy these documents must be submitted in their original form to the International Relations Office. 

Moreover, on their return students MUST fill in the Evaluation Report online, as requested by the European Community.

Traineeships may last between 2 and 12 months starting from the 1st of June 2020 and must be in any case completed by the 30th of September 2021.

For further information regarding traineeship opportunities and companies/organizations students can consult the “Eligible Locations” guide

The European Community offers free access to the online OLS (Online Linguistic Support) course to those students who participate in the Erasmus+ programme. The selected participants must take the test ONLINE, attend the course and at the end of the Erasmus period take the final language proficiency test.

New graduates/Undergraduates also have the opportunity to participate in Mobility for Traineeship, provided the student in question submits an application to the Call and is selected when he or she is still enrolled in the last year of the course (including out of the coure’s prescribed time) and provided that mobility starts and ends in the Erasmus+ contract period (from the 1st of June to the 30th of September 2021).

Application and necessary documentation must be sent VIA EMAIL, WITHIN AND NOT AFTER the14TH of FEBRUARY 2020, COMPULSORILY FILLED OUT IN DIGITAL FORMAT AND SAVED IN EDITABLE WORD, at the following link

TRAINEESHIP APPLICATION FORM, application form downloadable at footer


TRAINEESHIP PROJECT, a short description of the traineeship activity to be carried out abroad at the host company/institute. In this description it is necessary to specify the position assigned by the company and the professional objectives the student intends to achieve during the traineeship.


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