Department of Applied Arts and Design

Two year course

Second Level Fashion Design course

The aim of the Course is to prepare specialists in the artistic design of clothing, able to create collections with a strong creative flair, endorsing manual skills as well as artisan and industrial techniques in an expressive and innovative way. Particular attention is made to the study and research of textile and non-textile materials in order to find new ornate multi-metric styles. Moreover, the communication perspective will be valorized with the study, planning and design of concepts communicated through the web/network.

  • the world of fashion
  • creativity applied to the concept production and creation of clothing
  • research of innovative materials and techniques

Core disciplines

Fashion design 1 | Fashion design 2 | Graphic prints and patterns for fashion design | Material design | Jewellery designer | Textile culture | Fashion setting | Accessory design | Culture of fashion materials | Modeling | History of fashion | History of contemporary art | Design management

Advanced and supplementary disciplines

To be chosen by the student.
Additional training and educational activities to be chosen amongst a range of available courses together with Seminars- Workshops- Internships, Apprenticeships.

Admission is automatic for those students who obtained the First Level Academic Diploma in Artistic Planning and Design for Business at the Accademia di Brera. For students from another Accademia, School or University faculty an admission test is required. The test includes an aptitude test together with a portfolio showcasing the candidate’s works and projects.

Future Employment Prospects

The course prepares a highly specialized yet adaptable professional profile able to take on a number of different positions in different areas; from a freelance professional in fashion houses, within a diversified production system that ranges from artisan businesses to small and medium sized companies through to large corporations.

Study Plan

Fashion Design 2 Level

A.Y. 2023/2024

Consultazioni cambio disciplina

A.A. 2017/2018