Research project “Brera-Cesari”

The creativity of young artists in a large Veronese winery.

CESARI wines bring contemporary art closer to Valpolicella

Presentation of the research project "BRERA-CESARI", a workshop that brings the creativity of young artists to a large Veronese winery

The Gerardo Cesari winery forms a synergistic collaboration with the Accademia di Brera to promote the creativity of the new generations, starting with the third art: painting.

The cultural initiatives already promoted by Cesari continue. With the second edition of the Jéma International Photographic Art Award: "L'attesa", which this year reserves a Special Mention for the best shot proposed by the students of the photography course of the Milanese Academy.

Present at the press conference for the presentation of the Project, which is divided into proposals addressed to the students of the Milanese institute and to renowned artists: Michele Farruggio, General manager of Cesari, Alessandro Di Nuzzo, Creative director of the Aliberti publishing house, Giovanni Iovane, Director of the Accademia di Brera, Stefano Pizzi, Professor of Painting and Head of External Relations of the Accademia and Angelo Falmi Professor of Painting Techniques, moderated by the journalist Luca Telese.

MILAN - The charm of the cultivation of the Valpolicella vine is combined with the most modern trends in the artistic and cultural fields inherent in the inspiration and sensitivity of the younger generations. With the "Brera-Cesari" research project, collaboration with the Accademia di Brera is consolidated, already well tested with the "All-round" initiative, always with the involvement of the students of the Milanese Academy. Once again the Gerardo Cesari company consecrates its will to blend the noble soul and wisdom of wine with art, in its most imaginative and creative form and in the most technical and measured one.

The initiative starts from the contemporary ways of giving expression to the youthful ferment, guided by the teaching of the Brera professors and welcomed by a space, that of the Cesari cellars, full of ideas and sensitive to the most current and emerging artistic forms. Cesari, attentive to color, beauty, the imaginative and profound value of art and culture, thus also contributes to embellishing the ancient and fascinating land of Valpolicella.

Michele Farruggio, General Manager of Cesari: "I express my personal satisfaction and that of the Gerardo Cesari winery for the launch of the 'Brera-Cesari' research project, in the name of the artistic union between wine and art, which is part of the close collaboration with the Accademia di Brera, which has already registered the success of the 'A tutto tondo' initiative, always with the involvement of the students of the Academy ”.

Alessandro Di Nuzzo, Creative director of the Aliberti publishing house: "Initiatives like this, capable of bringing young artists closer to a productive world rich in tradition and knowledge, such as that of wine, are an example of the potential linked to transversal and valuable collaborations added, that as a publishing house we promote and support with passion ".

Giovanni Iovane, Director of the Accademia di Brera: "Projects such as the one we are presenting to you today take on particular significance for the ability to project the skills and history of our Academy outside the daily, with different realities from the known context, from which they draw valuable insights ".

Stefano Pizzi, Professor of painting and Head of external relations at the Academy: "In addition to the intrinsic value of the collaboration between our students and a prestigious winery such as Gerardo Cesari, I consider it interesting that children experiment with new ways of expressing their artistic vein, moving in an evocative territory, rich in environmental and human values ​​".

Angelo Falmi Teacher of Painting Techniques: "The workshop involving students, teachers and contemporary artists represents an ideal bridge between an Academy with a rich past and a winery that is an expression of prestigious Italian wine in the world, both interested in a new, contemporary interpretation , of reality, of daily work mediated by the artistic lens ".

On the occasion of the presentation of the suggestive collaboration between the Accademia di Brera and the Gerardo Cesari winery, the contents of the

Jéma International Prize for Photographic Art: "L'attesa"

After "La ricerca della purezza", the Jéma International Photographic Art Prize, conceived by the historic Cantina Gerardo Cesari and by the Aliberti Publishing Company, invites professional photographers and beginners to search for the theme of "L'attesa" with their own lens and send the own unpublished shot to by 20 March 2020. The second edition, organized in collaboration with the Accademia di Brera Academy, starts from the etymological definition of the term, linked to the Latin derivation "ad-tend", or “stretch out, aspire, aim” towards something, to stimulate the creative eye to capture, not the passivity linked to the passage of time, but instants in which a movement, a tension lead the expectation to become a precious resource to be fully exploited. The same happens for wine, which marks the times of preparation and consumption, approaching with delight the right moment in which we can taste it.

The presentation of the 2020 edition photo award is also an opportunity to admire the shots that characterized the first edition, "Jéma, la ricerca della purezza", collected in a catalog edited by the Aliberti publishing house. As for the 2019 Prize, this year too, a high-caliber jury, composed of experts from the world of photography and art and the organizers, chaired by photographer Franco Fontana will evaluate the candidate works.

The General Manager of Cesari, Michele Farruggio, comments on the new edition of the Photo Award: "L'attesa is often associated with passivity, in our case it turns into activity, searching for the best moment, for the perfect shot. Closely recalling the commitment of our agronomists and oenologists to find the best result at each harvest to deliver in each bottle of wine ".

Milan, 6th of February 2020

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