Coronavirus Informative



With regard to the issue of the spread of the new coronavirus, the teaching staff, students and technical-administrative staff are invited to view the information of the Ministry of Health to which the Accademia di Brera complies for directives and measures to be implemented.

In addition, the Accademia is taking steps to request specific provisions through an appeal from the Ministry of Health and the competent ASST.




Due to the progress of the COVID-19 health emergency, and following the latest Prime Ministerial Decree of 19th of October 2020, the provisions provided by the Committee for the implementation of the "Corporate protocol for regulating measures to combat and contain the spread of the virus Covid - 19 in the workplace ", as well as by the Decree of the Lombardy Region, the Academic Council has resolved that the" Orientation and Study Plan "provided for in the presence in the week from the 26th to 31st of October 2020 will be carried out remotely, through online platform.

Furthermore, the teaching activities of the first semester will take place EXCLUSIVELY with the remote modality through the online platform Google G-Suite until the 16th of November, 2020, subject to further subsequent directives.

The semester will regularly start from the 2nd of November 2020, with distance learning for all courses, according to the academic calendar (class schedule).


In accordance with the precautionary measures proposed by the Conference of Rectors of the Lombard Universities, and taking into account the Prime Minister's Decree of the 29th of February 2020, the Accademia di Brera extends the suspension of frontal teaching activities until 07/03/2020.


Prof. Giovanni Iovane


By adopting the measures defined in the statement of the Lombard Rectors, the Accademia di Brera updates the previous communication with the following indications:

  • Educational activities, including exam sessions, receptions and returns, are suspended until the 2nd March inclusive, the day on which they can resume in the absence of different indications from the Authorities;
  • The TA staff will remain in regular service, except for the activities that involve opening to the public.

The Director

Prof. Giovanni Iovane


Coronavirus Informative

Update 13/3/2020

Ministero della Pubblica Amministrazione 13/3/20

Indicazioni in materia di contenimento e gestione dell’emergenza epidemiologica da COVID-19 nelle pubbliche amministrazioni


12 Marzo 2020

Extraordinary Plan "Smart Work" - COVID-19 Emergency aimed at employees, including temporary staff, of Area II - Assistant, Area III - Collaborator and Area EP of the Accademia di Brera

Piano Straordinario “Lavoro Agile ”

Emergenza Nuovo Coronavirus COVID-19

Informativa sicurezza Lavoro Agile

Emergenza Nuovo Coronavirus COVID-19

Update from 4/3/2020 to 8/3/2020


8 marzo 2020

dPCM del 04 marzo 2020

l'Accademia di Brera prolunga la sospensione dell'attività didattica frontale sino al 15/03/2020.


4 marzo 2020

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