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The Board of Evaluation

The Board of Evaluation of the Accademia is a necessary authority of the institution according to article 4, paragraph 1, letter f of the regulation containing the criteria for the statutory, regulatory and organizational autonomy of artistic and musical institutions, issued under the Presidential Decree dated the 28 February 2003, n.132.

The full test of article 10 of the Presidential Decree n 132/2003 is outlined below:

  1. The Board of Evaluation, set up by the deliberation  of the board of directors, upon consultation of the Academic Council, is made up of three members with different competencies and with proven qualifications and track record in the field of evaluation. Two of the three members are chosen by external, expert, national or international, consultants.
  2. The Board of Evaluation checks the correspondence between objectives and results achieved and specifically:
a) it evaluates and assesses the educational and artistic activities, as well as the overall performance of the Accademia. It checks the best employment practices with the use of benchmarking and cost-performance analysis;
b) it draws up an annual report on the activities and the performance of the Accademia based on the criteria set forth by the Committee for the Evaluation of the University System, having consulted the National Council for Higher Education and training in Music and Arts. The report is issued to the Ministry by the 31st of March of every year and makes up the remework for the allocation of financial contributions by the Ministry;
c) it periodically gets students anonymous feedback on educational activities, drawing up the results in the annual report as referred to in point b).
  1. The institutions ensure the Board of Evaluation operational autonomy, the right of access to data and any necessary information, as well as the exposure and diffusion of documents in compliance with current confidentiality legislation.

The current Board of Evaluation was set up, according to article 101 of the aforementioned regulation, on approval of the Board of Directors of 12/17/2020 and officially took office on 01/13/2021.



The Board of Evaluation is supported by an administration office coordinated by Giulia Genise.

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