Opening Academic Year 2020/2021


Inauguration ceremony


Speech by the Minister of University and Research, Maria Cristina Messa

Prolusion President Livia Pomodoro

The Brera brand. Analysis of the economic and social impact of the Accademia di Brera.

The "Campus of the Arts" inside the former Scalo Farini, Milan
From an innovative strategic vision on the immediate future to a state of need for the immediate present due to the health emergency.

Video contribution by prof. Ferruccio Resta, Rector of the Milan Polytechnic

Cultural dissemination of the spaces and functions of the Academy in the territory

Social, educational, educational and cultural and museum-exhibition enhancement role.
Expression of interest in the creation of an "innovative" museum at the center of the masterplan of the former Isotta Fraschini area in Saronno. The Academy has every opportunity to participate and especially manage the skills for the management of an innovative museum. Scalo Farini with the campus and now the manifestation of interest in the Isotta Fraschini area of ​​Saronno will transform the Brera Academy into a unique cultural center in the world.

Video contribution by architect Cino Zucchi, author of the masterplan regarding the former Isotta Fraschini area of ​​Saronno.

The Brera Academy has about 5,000 students, 25% of whom come from EU and non-EU countries. The high presence of foreign students is an unequivocal indication of the internationalization of our institution.
Consequently, the Brera Academy has prepared an international enhancement project that connects, through concrete cultural and professional collaborations, the Italian socio-cultural reality with that of important foreign countries.
The diplomatic network, protagonist of the visibility of Made in Italy, and the international vocation of Brera in the new knowledge economy. The culture of Italian soft power. Culture and rights: the new ways of peace.

Video contributions by the Italian ambassadors in China (Luca Ferrari), India (Vincenzo de Luca), Israel (Gianluigi Benedetti) and the United Arab Emirates (Nicola Lener).

Closing speech by the Didactic Director Giovanni Iovane

The teaching and the great educational offer of the Brera Academy at the time of the pandemic.
Increases made in agreement with the academic council and the board of directors in favor of distance learning. A striking example: the library of the Academy has dramatically increased its databases (with the use of platforms of international importance), the purchase of e-books precisely to facilitate remote access to Brera students and professors also and above all to give concrete and scientific help to those who have to develop their degree thesis.
Brera's participation in the 2020/2021 university Prin. Appointment of a deputy director dedicated exclusively to research and cultural projects (unique in the Italian Academies)
Business relationship and Brera Academy. Implementation of the workshop seminar with an important company linked to the "sustainability" and fashion sector created for the students of the two-year specialist course in Fashion at the Brera Academy. Finally, the theme touched upon by the President, relating to the museum, which combines historical and artistic research and artistic research.

OPENING AY 2020/2021

Inauguration ceremony

The inauguration ceremony of the Academic Year 2020 was held on Saturday 27 February at the Ex Church of Santa Maria in Brera.

The President Livia Pomodoro and the Director Giovanni Iovane with the extraordinary participation of the Minister of University and Research Cristina Messa, take stock of the academic year just ended and illustrate the objectives that Brera intends to pursue.

The journalist Paolo Colonnello leads.


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