Century long charm influences the future

The original structure of Chiesa di San Carpoforo belonged to a pagan Roman temple dedicated to the Goddess Vesta, and later then converted into a place of Christian worship. The first proven evidence of its existence dates back to the year 813. In 1787 it became the secondary church to the neighbouring Santa Maria del Carmine. It was acquired by the Municipality of Milan in 1864 and granted to the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in 1993.

Currently it is home to the Visual Arts didactic activities: Painting, Sculpture, Decoration, Graphics. Seminars and exhibitions are also held on a regular basis.

San Carpoforo

  • Via Formentini 12
  • segreteria.didattica@accademiadibrera.milano.it
  • 0039 02 86955601
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