Tutorial e-learning teachers

Training smart & easy

The healthcare emergency has also made the Accademia di Brera find new innovative technological solutions in order not to compromise its training role.

Innovative training programmes that, once the crisis phase is over, will remain valuable and complementary resources to the essential real, tangibile and immanent relationship between students and the Accademia.

Thanks to the tutorial prepared by Bruno Aliprandi, the Chief Information Officer of the Accademia, you can get to grips with the basics and start using the Accademia’s B learning system.

Step by step

Uploading documents to your profile

  1. Go to the domain: www.accademiadibrera.milano.it
  2. Log in using the user name and password
  3. Go to the menu files and choose my files
  4. Click "+ upload a new file"
  5. Click "Choose file"
  6. Choose “Recipient”
  7. Choose “Topic”
  8. Insert ”Short description”
  9. Insert “detailed description”
  10. Save

Step by step

Use the portal webmail

  1. Go to the domain www.accademiadibrera.milano.it
  2. Access the webmail using user name and password.
  3. Follow the instructions of the short video clip 

First steps towards G SUITE Enterprise for Education

Google Hangouts lessons in streaming

Follow the instructions of the short video clip

Google Classroom TEACHERS Manual

G Suite for Education