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Parco dell'Arte - Idroscalo in Milan

Thursday 13rd of October 2016 at the Idroscalo in Milan the inauguration of the new outdoor section of the Parco dell'Arte of the Idroscalo in Milan was held, dedicated to the promotion of works of art and artistic research generated by the young artists of the School of Sculpture of the Accademia di Brera of Fine Arts.

The creation of this new section, called the Museum of Young Artists and part of a more complex project to expand and enhance the Parco dell'Arte, is the result of the collaboration between the Metropolitan City of Milan and the Accademia di Brera of Fine Arts and has developed thanks to the contribution of the Cariplo Foundation and the Friends of the Accademia di Brera.

The Museum of Young Artists will be characterized not only by the protection and enhancement of the accepted works, but also by an innovative permanent workshop activity focused on contemporary artistic experimentation in the context of the relationship between Art and the Environment which will over time be monitored and coordinated by Accademia di Brera of Fine Arts.

The works presented were created as part of the study course of the School of Sculpture of the Accademia di Brera within the Sculpture Courses of Professors Vincenza Giacobbe, Roberto Priod, Roberto Rocchi, of the Course of Marble Techniques of Prof. Massimo Pellegrinetti and the Course of Ceramic Techniques of Prof. Cristina Camino from:
Federico Bergamaschi, Caterina Alves Curti, Marco Fiorenza, Michelangelo Floridi, Andrea Forenza, Adriano Lombardo, Valeria Manfredda, Paolo Manfredi, Sara Marioli, Giulia Merli, Isabella Mottini, Daniela Novello, Chiara Piantoni, Zhang Qian, Luisa Turuani, Irene Tzoumas.

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